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For the last 800 kilometers on my mountain bike I was able to test the HOUFFA25of Zeal Cycling. In total I rode 3 times a 100 km (with different tyre pressures), a number of tours of +/- 50 km, an ATB RBR race (3rd place) and the Dutch Masters of MTB (200 km marathon). A test on different surfaces under various conditions on and around the Salland Ridge. On paved paths, on those nasty tree root sections, climbs, descents, in the most unlikely mud pools and in the dusty sand. All ingredients were present.
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Have you already though about your MTB race setup for 2018? Andrea, THE racing cyclist of the editorial team has recently tested our ZEAL HOUFFA25.
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HOUFFA25 Bike & Trekking (NL)

After a very positive experience with the CAMMERIG44 road wheel set, the Dutch Bike & Trekking magazine has also reviewed the HOUFFA25  set for Mountainbikes. Here you can learn, why the tester's appraisal is a "Bike & Trekking Highlight".
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CAMERIG44 FIETS (NL) 09/2017


If the above applies to you and you’re looking for a wheel set which you can ride right after receiving them, please read on.

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CAMERIG44 GRINTA! (BE) August 2017

How does an Aero-Allrounder perform in the typical environment of a spring classic race in the north of France? This was the main question, which will be answered in the review of the Belgian Grinta! magazine. Here you can read the complete review. 
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