Free Shipping of CAMERIG & HOUFFA wheels

Crash Replacement

Besides our voluntary 6-year warranty that covers all the defects caused by manufacturing or material issues we also offer a crash replacement program. With this service, we offer the opportunity to replace your damaged rim and spokes if your wheel can no longer be used after an accident or crash at reduced cost. Within the ZEAL 6-year warranty period we will exchange the above-mentioned parts for a discounted replacement price of € 300 per wheel including hand building the wheel.

To use our Crash Replacement service, please contact us in advance, so that we can generate an individual service ID number and recommend the best method for shipment. We also ask you to explain how the damage was caused, so that we have an idea what we might need also to look for when we get your ZEAL product “back into shape”. We will also use this information for our ongoing product research and development.

We reserve the right to suspend this service if we detect that the damage has been caused deliberately or it is a simple optical issue. Furthermore, it is not possible to change to a different model within the Crash Replacement program.