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What is the Rider’s weight limit for ZEAL wheels?

It might sound like a very straightforward question which should be answered with a simple figure. Unfortunately, it is a little bit more complicated than that so we have created this little guide instead of just coming up with a very conservative or very hazardous figure.

First and foremost, we develop products for our customers and not only for lightweight pro riders with extraordinary downhill skills. Nevertheless, a carbon wheel is a high end product, which needs a certain degree of user knowledge.  

Our carbon wheels provide enough stiffness and stability to allow us to approve a max. system weight (rider + bike + equipment) of 120kg whilst taking into account the specific field of application.  To ensure that we can guarantee this maximum weight limit we have developed special designs, selected spoke configurations which allow high tension, and only offer hand laced and trued wheels from experienced wheel builders. But there is another very important criterion regarding the maximum system weight which is only relevant for the rim brake version of our carbon wheels. Even though the general rim set up is very similar to the disc brake version, the rim itself has to absorb the load and especially the heat that is generated by the friction between the brake pad and the brake surface when the brakes are applied. The heavier the system weight the higher the heat generation* and for this exact reason, we use a specific carbon which is impregnated with a special resin for our rim brake rims. This, in combination with the Swissstop Black Prince brake pads, creates a market-leading set-up. Nevertheless, we do advise the use of our disc brake wheels for riders whose total system weight exceeds 100kg. The maximum system weight for our rim brake wheels is therefore 100kg.


* extreme heat generation normally only occurs during steep and/or long descents in combination with excessive braking by the rider.